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Estate Planning is planning for the future of the entire family, the best way to start planning is with a clear set of goals in mind. We will help you set those goals and work with you to build a unique plan that protects your family for the future.

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The Law Office of David T. Siegel, Esq., LLC has a distinct set of principles that we apply to every estate plan or special needs plan we design:

It’s not about the documents, it’s about the plan.
Documents are just one part of the equation, a “cookie cutter, one-size fits all” document cannot help a family reach their individual estate or special needs planning goals. At the Law Office of David T. Siegel, Esq., LLC we believe that every family is unique. Every family has its own goals, relationship dynamics, finances, healthcare needs, and beliefs. And therefore, every family deserves a comprehensive and unique estate or special needs plan to provide for their family’s future estate, financial, and healthcare goals. By creating and coordinating a set of unique estate or special needs documents, we are able to build a plan to meet that family's distinctive goals.

To provide a better chance for the plan to succeed, we need to update and maintain estate and special needs plans over the course of the clients' lifetimes.
We don’t know what the future will bring, but we do know that there will be change in all our futures; family situations change, financial situations change, laws change, taxes change, health and healthcare needs change; everything changes over time. What you planned for today, may or may not be relevant or appropriate for tomorrow, or two years from now, and surely will not be appropriate 5 years from now. Updating and maintaining your estate and special needs plan over the course of your lives is the best method to keep  your plan on track.  OurFamily Conservation Program TM provides peace of mind to a family so they can change their mindset from “I hope this plan will work” to “I know this plan will work.”


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