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Identify your Goals: Every family has different goals for their estate or special needs plan, during the Concept Stage we help you discover those goals and provide you with options that will achieve those goals. Some possible goals are: Multi-Generational Planning, Family Harmony, Ease of Administration, Asset Protection, Long-term Care / Incapacity Planning, Tax Reduction, Same Sex Planning, Probate Avoidance, Pet trusts, Planning for Second or Third Marriages.

Putting your Plan into Action:Signing your documents will bring the plan to life. After you execute your documents, they are legally binding instruments meant to guide you to your family toward attaining the goals set out in the CONCEPT stage of planning. This is also the stage in the planning process where we want to incorporate your trusted advisers and family into the planning process by having  Financial and Family Focus Meetings. There are many people that will play a roll in your plan to make it effective, this stage is a good opportunity to bring those people together to discuss their roles in your plan.



Like the seasons, our lives change over time.

At the Law Office of David T. Siegel, Esq., LLC we take a more holistic approach to estate and special needs planning. We look at the client as a whole in all aspects of their lives including: their family structure, financial resources, health and healthcare needs, tax structure, charitable giving philosophy, and all other distinctive elements that make each and every client unique. We begin with the understanding that no two clients are the same  and therefore no two estate or special needs plans can be the same. That is why we do not create "cookie-cutter" plans, instead we draft individual plans that have been customized for that particular client and their family. We use a four stage planning process with each client. This process begins at our initial consultation and continuing through their lives and the lives of their family.

Our process begins by gathering as much information about the client, their family, and their unique situation to provide us with an in-depth and complete assessment of the client. We can then plan accordingly for their family's future  by answering the question:What are the goal or goals of the client?  Because each client is different, each client will have a different goal for their plan including ease of administration, leaving an organized estate, planning for a blended family, maintaining family harmony, tax planning, asset protection, probate avoidance, charitable planning, planning for incapacity, special needs planning, pet trusts, same sex estate planning, or guardianships/conservatorships. Once we have a goal, we assess the client's current family, financial, and healthcare situations and determine how those goals can best be reached through the proper coordination and implementation of a full and complete estate or special needs plan.

The Law Office of David T. Siegel, Esq., LLC has developed a specific and unique Four Step Planning Process to help our clients achieve and maintain the goals of their estate plan or special needs plan, those steps are:

Keeping your Plan Updated:Change is a natural occurrence within all our lives and change also occurs over time in our estate and special needs plans. As your family, goals, health, and finances change over the years it is imperative to make sure that your estate or special needs plan evolves with those changes. The Family Conservation Program TM provides our client members the ability to update and maintain their plan, by providing exclusive opportunities for them to adjust their plans as needed over the course of their membership.







Tell your Unique Story:Customization of  the plan so that it achieves your particular goals occurs during the Design Stage. Every plan is unique and your family's situation and circumstances are carefully addressed with customizations that are specifically suited to meet your family's goals. Clients will also make very important decisions during this stage including: who choose who will play the important roles in your plan and how you wish your financial wealth passed on to the future generations.

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