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Collaboration with your Trusted Advisers: We will collaborate with your trusted financial advisers, accountants, or insurance professionals to provide the appropriate integration of the many aspects of our client members' lives with their estate or special needs plan.

Estate or Special Needs Document Updates: Over the course of an estate or special needs plan the documents incorporated into the plan need monitoring, maintenance and updating. This continual process of review and updating will ensure that our client members' documents do not go stale. It provide our client members with the peace of mind that their plans will work when put into action. When there are changes to the law, we will proactively contact our client members to change their estate or special needs documents to reflect that new law.

Financial and Funding Reviews: We aid our client members in the initial funding of their plans, we will also monitor and review their assets on a consistent basis to provide them the reassurance that their plans are properly funded and inline with their current estate or special needs planning goals.

Client Member Educational Opportunities: Throughout the year, we will have special client member only educational events on various estate planning and special needs subjects to keep them informed on the latest trends, laws, or options that may affect their plans.

Counsel on Matters Involving your Plan: Our client members have the ability to receive ongoing counsel about their estate or special needs plans, as well as any additional planning options that may arise from a change in their personal or financial circumstances.

Access to Their Important Documents: We provide a way for our client members to have total access to their important documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our Client Portal on the Home Page. The Client Portal instantly connects a client member to their documents through CLIO Connect and offers them the options of viewing, downloading, or uploading documents through CLIO's ultra-secure client portal.

Open Contact and Communication with the Law Office: We are available a reasonable amount of times over the year to answer any questions in regards to the plan, a life event, or any concern that our Program client members might have. The ability to have an open communication channel without the concern of being charged whenever you pick up the phone or send an email is an invaluable resource for our client members.

Conservation is the act of preventing decay, waste, injury, or loss. The Family Conservation Program TM was designed to provide safeguarding from the effects of time and change on our clients' estate or special needs plans. The Family Conservation Program TM is a means which allows our clients to update and maintain their plans without the inconvenience, expense, or time of building an entirely new plan every couple of years.

The Family Conservation Program TM was designed around four basic principles:CONTROL, CONTACT, COUNSEL, and CONTINUITY. All of these principles when combined provide our client members protection and support when their plans are challenged to handle a new CHANGE. The Family Conservation Program TM offers our client members:


To provide our clients with a means of maintaining and updating their estate or special needs plan, the Law Office of David T. Siegel, Esq., LLC offers our clients membership in the Family Conservation Program TM.

Relationships change, people change, laws change, finances change, jobs change, taxes change, people are born and people die, in this life everything changes. The key to a successful estate or special needs plan is to keep the plan maintained and up to date. Life changes, whether good or bad, can have serious effects on the ability of an estate or special needs plan to reach your goals. Only by maintaining and updating your estate plan to respond and adjust to those changes will it succeed in fulfilling those goals. 

"Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans." - John Lennon.